Single-Side Mattresses

When you sleep on our Innergy mattress you’ll wake up feeling more “innergetic”—our version of energetic. Our Innergy mattresses offer an exclusive coil design that virtually eliminates sleep-disturbing motion transfer. As you move during the night—and we all move several hundred times as we sleep—each spring responds to that movement on an individual basis, creating an exceptionally supportive and comfortable sleep surface. Our unique, alternating coil design reduces motion transfer while still offering restorative support for a sound sleep.

Our single-sided innerspring models (except Foxboro and Essex) also feature our patented TheraFoam® encasement around the edge of the mattress, which improves stability while increasing the usable sleep surface by eliminating "roll together" and border breakdown, as well as providing firmer edge support when sitting on the side of the mattress


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